Share Your Video

Share your dream for the future with a video. Videos can be as short as you like, but we think about 20 seconds will work best. Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo, and then copy & paste the link into the space below. Add your other info, and once we’ve received your video, we’ll check it to make sure it’s okay to post. Then you can check our Dream Gallery to see it along with other young Canadians' videos. You can share as many videos with us as you like, but one at a time, please.


Your video can be as simple as a single shot of you in front of your camera telling us your idea. Let the country hear your ideas - and don't forget that you can do as many "takes" as you need! 

If you’re using your phone to film, turn it on its side so that the picture is long instead of tall, like a TV or movie theatre image.

You can have actors, you can edit a few shots together, it’s up to you. Just remember to have everyone speak clearly so your message can be heard.

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