The Dream Catchers is a Canada150 Signature project, produced by Confederation Centre of the Arts, that creates opportunities for Canadians to come together and explore where we have come from and where we are going as individuals and as a nation. Using the dreams and voices of young Canadians to guide us we will explore the importance of inclusion, reconciliation, the environment and dreaming for our future.

To learn more about the traditional story behind the dreamcatcher, click here.

From February to September of 2017 we will travel the country with arts workshops for youth, create a giant national dreamcatcher and tour a brand new musical! Click on the links below  to learn more.

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This project would not be possible without the generosity and support of the following people and organizations:

Young Canadians who have shared their dreams, Generation XX, Summerside Trinity United Church, Angie Arsenault, MacMorran Community Centre, Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle, Alberta Parks, Heidi Eijgel, Elder Pat Provost, Ira Provost, Battlefords Boys and Girls Club, Elder Herman Bugler, Boys and Girls Club of Williams Lake & District, Elder Dorothy Myers  Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, Elder Deborah Eisan, Boys and Girls Club of Miramichi, Janet Creighton, Elder Tulley Paul, Boys and Girls Club of Thompson, Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club, Inuksuk High School, Laakkuluk Williamson-Bathory, Elder Natsiq, Mildred Hall School, Miranda Currie, The Heart of Riverdale Community Centre, Andrea Simpson-Fowler, Elder Ann Smith, Elder Jane E. Meader, Bob Bongard,  Tesa Fiddler, John Markey, June and Gerald Moore, Jeanne and John Wall, Tracy Latham, Linda and Bob Ripley, Wade Lynch, Anita Mercier, Kim MacLeod, Nancy MacRae, Jessie Inman and Allan Hart Senior, Rob Warren, UQROP (Union Québécoise de réhabilitation des oiseaux de proie) .